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Metal Wringer Bucket with Foot Press – 16 L

With an all new registered design, the 16 Litre Metal wringer bucket has been developed with the daily cleaner’s needs in mind.



Down Press Double Bucket Wringer Trolley - 2 x 25 L

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Down Press Double Bucket Wringer Trolley  enables you to squeeze and compress wet mop in an effortless manner. Best grade plastic made structure of this trolley not only decreases its weight, but also ensures its long lasting quality and prolonged service life.

Mop Bucket with Down Press Wringer - 23 Lit.

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This is a single bucket mop trolley, 23 L single bucket mop trolley. Available in different colours. This mop bucket is an ideal companion when set with large floor spans to clean. The Bucket is equipped with handles and wheels.

Down Press Single Wringer Trolley - 32 L

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Down Press Wringer Trolley clean floors quicker and prevent spills along the way with a feature-rich, cost-effective mopping solution. Whether you need to clean a large lobby, a busy kitchen, or a small break room, Janitorial mop buckets are a great cost-effective solution for your business. Offered in different colors, these mop buckets can help you introduce a color-coded cleaning system.

Mini Single Wringer Trolley - 20L

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Keep your floor sparkly clean with Side Press Mop Wringer trolley. It is made with high-quality ABS plastic that is highly durable and long lasting. It comes with detachable buckets for your convenience. It has a storage capacity of 20 litres. It is equipped with wheels and handles that help you move the trolley easily. Available in Different Color

Handy Step Bucket - 16 L

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Strong universal mop wringer bucket. Single foot operation, easy to use.
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