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Flat Mop Refill

Flat Mop Refill




Micro Fiber Duster with Handle

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Micro Fiber car cleaner duster with handle with removable refill lock system for changing micro fiber and extended upto 120 cm.

Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

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Microfiber Towel Pack for Car Cleaning. Cleaning with this Microfiber drying towel doesn’t stop at your car only Use it in the kitchen, at your office, or home cleaning. It will give brilliant results each time. Super soft fabric, with quick-dry formula

Microfiber Glass Cloth

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Sky Blue Microfiber Glass Cloth is used by professional cleaners to clean, dry, and for leaving a streak-free finish on the glass. Soft, durable, and effective and it is safe to use glasses and lenses. It protects what you care about like home glass, car glass, etc.

Reusable Yellow Latex Utility Gloves

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Pair of multi-purpose washable, reusable, waterproof Latex utility gloves, Suitable for all-around hand protection against abrasion, germs and contaminants, and hazardous cleaning chemicals.

Sponge Scouring Pad (Pack of 10 Pcs)

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Pack of 10 - Lasting Kitchen Sponge Scrubber - Dishwashing Sponges
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