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Microfiber Cleaning Set

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Clean Car Concept The Microfiber cleaning set is ideal for cleaning of car interior and exterior: The multi-purpose cloth is the all-rounder for car cleaning. The special microfiber captures the dust that builds up allowing you to clean without the need for chemicals. The window cloth removes even stubborn dirt contamination on windows and mirrors with a watermark-free result. Finish off with the polishing cloth to absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving no streaks, water stains or lint. Size - 35cm x 35 cm Composition - 100 % microfiber Quantity - 3pcs

Microfiber Glass Cloth

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Sky Blue Microfiber Glass Cloth is used by professional cleaners to clean, dry, and for leaving a streak-free finish on the glass. Soft, durable, and effective and it is safe to use glasses and lenses. It protects what you care about like home glass, car glass, etc.
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